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Hair Care

Hair Care

Remember to always comb before going to bed and tie hair in a loose ponytail or braid. Never go to sleep with wet, uncombed, or untied hair to prevent hair tangling. *HAIR WASHING Hair should be carefully combed before washing. It is better to wash your hair in the shower. Wash your hair in a vertical position so that the water comes from above, therefore, hair does not tangle. It is important to wash your hair with lukewarm water. Wash your hair with shampoo hands moving from top to bottom. You should not wash your hair in circular motions! The dirtiest part of the hair is that close to the scalp and the scalp itself. Extended hair does not need scrubbing. It is enough that the shampoo lather dribbles down on it. But subtly massage the scalp with your fingers. Keep in mind that extended hair cannot be, "rumpled" with a towel. It is advisable to comb your hair with your fingers and drain with a towel, dragging it along the hair. Then fold your hair in a towel for a few minutes until the water has penetrated into it. For washing use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after washing or moisturizing spray preferably with silk top. You should leave conditioner in your hair for 3-5min. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU APPLY CONDITIONER ON JOINING STRANDS, AS THIS MAY CAUSE RINGS TO SLIP OFF. Extended hair NEEDS INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING for though natural, they are however dead. * DRYING AND MODELLING Natural hair must be dried with warm air dryer, model them as desired, and also straighten with a hair straightener, model with an electric curler. When straightening, winding, waving or drying hair with a dryer, it is advisable to use waxes, spray conditioners or lotions that protect hair from heat. If you use a hair straightener or electric curler - do not heat the hair at the base in the place where they are attached. * OTHER INFORMATION During sporting activities, swimming in the pool - tie hair in braids (Chlorinated and salted water destroys hair!) It is important after a dip in the pool (chlorinated water), in the sea - to wash or rinse your hair.