Stick I Tip 20"

Stick I Tip 20"

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  • Nr. 1 Black
  • Nr. 1b very dark brown / black
  • Nr. 2 Dark brown
  • Nr. 22 Beige-golden blonde
  • Nr. 24 sunny blonde
  • Nr. 4 Medium brown
  • Nr. 6 Light brown
  • Nr. 613 Bright sunny blonde
  • Nr. 8 Dark blonde

2,85 zł tax incl.

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100% natural hair extensions methods to cold (micro-rings, bushings) 

The hair is sorted so that were not damaged their natural structure

They are produced according to the formula Remy (each husk positioned in one direction), which eliminates tangling of hair

Our hair is of the highest quality, designed for Polish and European women

They are resistant to heat

They can straighten, twist, and dye

 Thanks to the excellent quality of hair, you can enjoy them for many months


Weight: 0.5g 

Quality: AAA +

Length: 20" 

Species: straight

Color : please select